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Piano Lesson


Although now a full time music tutor, my background is from working within the music industry as a performer. Extensive touring of Asia, Europe and the UK, with TV, radio and new media experience.

I started playing guitar at the age of 18 which is quite late for most, I am self taught, fully realise the struggles of learning an instrument without any help and looking back I really wish I had the opportunity to learn and develop my craft much earlier such as within school.

I have tutored students within primary, secondary, higher and further education, specialising in ensemble performance and I believe that once students have studied, learned and practised a piece of music then they should be given the opportunity to perform it together.

I have been fortunate to teach many students from primary right through to degree level and see many of them move on to working within the music industry and others become music tutors themselves.

- Martin Lynch

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